ladies sensitivity

ladies sensitivity

Sensitivity between the breasts is annoying for women, especially in the summer. In this article, learn about the most important information about sensitivity between the breasts.

Let’s get acquainted in the following with the most important information and details about sensitivity between the breasts:

Causes of sensitivity between the breasts

Skin sensitivity causes pain and itching in the human body, and sensitivity between the breasts is particularly annoying for women, as sensitivity between the breasts is not rare, as the area between the breasts is closed and suitable for sensitivity, especially when sweating in hot summer times.

Depending on the cause, tender breasts can develop red and inflamed, and bumps and bubbles filled with secretions can form at the site of the injury.

There are several reasons for the emergence of sensitivity between the irritating breasts, here are the most important:

1. Heat

It causes exposure to heat and intense sweating, and blockage of the sweat glands leads to the emergence of sensitivity between the breasts, as it is one of the closed places in the body.

Excessive exercise and the use of some products that clog pores also cause sensitivity between the breasts.

It is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes when temperatures are high and to keep the area between the breasts clean at all times.

2. Altar

An altar is a type of allergy that affects a person as a result of skin contact with himself. Exposure to heat, moisture, skin friction in the area between the breasts, and lack of ventilation is one of the most important causes of alfalfa infection.

3. Mastitis

Mastitis affects women due to blockage of the milk ducts, and allergy-like symptoms can be observed between the breasts.

4. Breast abscess

A breast abscess is an infection of the breast in or far from the nipples, sometimes between the breasts. A breast abscess causes swollen and tender breasts. Treatment includes antibiotics.

5. Pregnancy

Sensitivity can appear between the breasts during pregnancy, especially when the breasts swell during pregnancy and the appearance of stretch marks.

6. Inflammatory breast cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is a type of breast cancer that attacks the skin and lymphatic vessels.

Inflammatory breast cancer does not cause any tumor to appear, but symptoms of sensitivity appear in the breast due to infection with this type of cancer.

7. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis causes sensitivity between the breasts, which is caused by touching a certain type of fabric that causes the allergy.

8. Inverse psoriasis

Symptoms of psoriasis appear in enclosed folds and bends in the body, such as: the area between the breasts, and under the armpits.

Treatment of sensitivity between the breasts and methods of prevention

One of the best prevention and treatment methods is to keep the area between the breasts clean, cool, and dry. Here are some effective treatment and prevention methods:

Clean the area between the breasts using warm water and soap containing antibacterial substances, and be sure to dry the area well afterwards.
Putting moisturizers that do not contain any aromatic materials, and ointments that contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal materials can be used according to the doctor’s advice.
Refrain from scratching and peeling the skin in the area between the breasts.
Avoid using any perfume or lotions containing aromatic substances on the breast area.
Wear soft, comfortable clothing made of non-air repellent fabrics, such as cotton.
Change clothes immediately as soon as you finish exercising or sweat heavily due to the heat.

Bacterial or fungal infection can be responsible for sensitivity between the breasts, and in this case it is recommended to see a doctor to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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