bilastigec Medicine

Belastigec is a medical drug recently launched by Zeta Pharma, which contains bilastigec, which is the latest version of an antihistamine that acts as a selective antagonist of the H1 receptor and does not cause drowsiness.

It is known that many individuals suffer from allergies, especially with the change of seasons or with exposure to unusual weather, and allergies occur when the immune system responds to a foreign substance such as pollen and animal dander or to a certain type of food or medicine, and the degree of sensitivity varies from person to person and treatments are used To help relieve symptoms in those who suffer from allergies, especially those who are chronic.

Clinical studies showed the effectiveness of bilastine at a concentration of 20 mg once daily in cases of sneezing, cold symptoms, cold, runny nose, itching and watery eyes, as well as in cases of skin allergies, itching and urticaria.

It is worth noting that one of the most important features of bilastine is the speed of effect and the extension of the period of action of a single dose to more than 24 hours, which makes it very suitable as a single daily dose.

Belastigec is one of the latest additions of Zeta Pharma to the Egyptian market for this year 2021, where the company intends to continue launching its products, which amount to more than 150 medicines, covering most of the therapeutic areas.

Zeta Pharma is an Egyptian joint stock company, which started its work in the Egyptian market in 2015 with the production of Hepatitis C drugs and participated strongly in the national initiative for 100 million health, and after that continued to launch patient support programs at various levels, coinciding with the launch of medicines of high importance to the Egyptian patient, and recently the establishment of the Zeta factory Pharma in accordance with the latest international standards and international requirements for the pharmaceutical industry, and the factory is currently on the way to accreditation from the European Medicines Authority, allowing the company’s medicines to be exported to Europe.

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