Allergy causes

Allergy causes

Allergy causes and risk factors

The following is an explanation of the causes of allergies and the most affected people:

Allergy causes

Substances that cause allergic reactions include:

Pollen, animal dander, dust mites, and mold.
Certain foods, especially nuts, walnuts, wheat, soybeans, fish, shellfish, eggs, and milk.
The poison from insects such as: bee stings, or wasp stings.
Some medicines, especially penicillin or some antibiotics derived from penicillin.
Natural rubber or other materials, contact with which can provoke allergic reactions in the skin.
People most at risk

The risk of developing allergies increases in people who belong to one of the following groups:

They have a family history of allergies or asthma, as the risk of developing allergies increases among relatives of patients who suffer from asthma or allergies, such as: hay fever, urticaria, or eczema.
Children Although allergies may appear at any age, children are more likely than adults to develop allergies, however, in many cases, allergies disappear and then return later in the future.
The likelihood of developing allergies is greater in patients with asthma, and people who suffer from a certain type of allergy are prone to develop sensitivity to other substances as well.
Allergic complications

Allergies increase the risk of other health problems, including the following:

Anaphylactic shock: People who suffer from severe allergic reactions are more likely to develop anaphylactic shock, which is an allergic reaction.
Other allergies: People with one type of allergy are more likely to develop other types of allergies.
Asthma: People with asthma are more likely to have allergies.
Infection with various diseases: Allergies cause eczema, sinusitis, ear or lung infections
Fungal infections: The risk of infection with fungal infections known as fungal sinusitis increases in people who suffer from allergies.

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